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Homework Help: World History 201

Posted by Amy on Sunday, February 15, 2009 at 10:16pm.

I have a homework assignment due tomorrow consisting of true/false questions. Would someone please review my answers and see if I am correct. Thanks.
1. Although women in ancient India were not priests, they were often chosen to teach the importance of the Vedas to the people? False
2. The Harappans of ancient India conducted trade with the Mesopotamians? True
3. Harijans, meaning children of God, was a term Mahatma Gandhi used to refer to the Untouchable caste in Indian society? Ture
4. The Dalits were members of the highest case in Indian society? False
5. Archaeologissts gave the Indian city of Mohenjo-Dara its name, which means city of the dead. False
6. In ancient China, men raised the children and women worked in the fields? False
7. Male chauvinism was not practiced in ancient China? False
8. Women in ancient China often held high positions in the government? False
9. Shangdi, the sky God of ancient Shang in China, was latter referred to as Tian, meaning heaven? True
10. The concept of social classes did not exist in ancient China during the Shang Dynasty? False

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