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Quick Spanish

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¿Qué peiensas?

1. ¿Tienes pelo castaño?

2. ¿Cómo son tus amigos?

Not quite sure what these questions would translate to. Please help.

  • Quick Spanish -

    Do you have brownish or brunette hair?

    How are your friends? (notice the conjugated verb son comes from the infinitive verb ser)

  • Quick Spanish -

    Check the spelling of the verb "pensar" in the question: ¿Qué piensas? = What do you think?

    #2. This is the difference between "¿Cómo están tus amigos?" = How are your friends (health-wise) = sick, tired, etc. and "¿Cómo son tus amigos?" = How are your friends/what are they like? = nice, tall, studious, etc.


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