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college-- chemistry

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I am having a problem with this problem from my homework. I need some help on this problem.

Microwave ovens work by irradiating food with microwave radiation, which is absorbed and converted into heat. Assume radiation with wavelength=15.0cm is used and that all the energy is converted to heat. How many photons are necessary to raise the temperature of a 350mL quantity of water from 20.0 degree C to 95.0 degree C?

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    The energy of a photon is given by:
    E = hf
    h = Planck's constant (look it up)
    f = frequency = speed of light / wavelength
    f = (3.00x10^8 m/s) / (0.15m) = _____?
    E = ______?
    ∆T = T2 - T1 = ____?
    Heat needed = (4.18 J/g.C)(grams H2O)(∆T)
    Heat = _________?
    Divide the heat calculated in part (b) by the energy per photon calculated in part (a)

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