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How long ago did the first human culture, involving villages and a sense of history, develop?
A. about 1 billion years ago
B. a few million years ago
C. 100,000 to 200,000 years ago
D. about 10,000 years ago
E. about 1,000 years ago


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    Check these sites to find the best answer.,9171,807034,00.html

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    One of the best ways of learning approximate and relative dates is to create your own illustrated timeline.

    Take a long roll of paper -- like freezer wrap. It should be at least 12 feet long.

    Draw a line lengthwise down the middle. Then, starting near the left end, mark 3500 B.C. Measure off equal spaces for the number of centuries to 2000, leaving room on the right for events since 2,000. Number each of these centuries -- 3500, 3400, 3300, etc.

    Then, as you study various events and people in world history, neatly print them below the line. Above the line, illustrate some of these. A couple of favorites of my students was a ziggurat copied from our text and the Fall of Rome. Some showed a cartoon Roman falling off a cliff.

    Have fun with world history. :-)

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    You could automatically eliminate letter A and letter E as being too extreme (outliers). Look up Neolithic Revoultion or Agricultural Revolution.

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