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please help

find the resultant of these two vectors: 2.00 * 10^2 units due east and 4.00 * 10^2 units 30.0degrees north of west

please show me step by step how to do this
thanks for any help!

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    Add the vectors
    Resultant=200E+400 @30 N of W
    = 200E+ 400Cos30 W + 400Sin30N
    = -200W+ 346W + 200N combine the West units, and that is it. Now if you want to express it as a direction, then
    = 146W+ 200N
    find the angle N of W (angle=arctan146/200= 36.1 deg N of W)
    and the magnitude, use Pyth theorm, or
    magnitude = 200/cos36.1=247
    check that

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