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Est-ce qu'on dit:
"je ne parle que anglais" OR
"je ne parle que l'anglais"???

I am still not sure when to say "français" and when "le français".
e.g. in my book it says:
"Oui, madame, il parle bien le français"
why couldn't one say:
"Il parle bien français"?

  • FRENCH - ,

    We do say: "Parlez-vous français" and not: "Parlez-vous le français.
    Or has the above given sentence to do with the word "bien"??
    Would it have been: "Oui, madame, il parle français" BUT "Oui, madame, il parle bien LE français"?????

  • FRENCH - ,

    With the ne.....que, "je ne parle qu'anglais!"

    Yes, because the "bien" separates the 2 words "parle français" it's most often there: "il parle bien le français." You can avoid it if you say "il parle français bien!"

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • FRENCH - ,

    Ah, je comprends - merci beaucoup.
    Ooops, I should have known to insert the apostrophe by "qu'anglais" - mea culpa!!!

  • FRENCH - ,

    Would "je parle seulement anglais" be also correct?
    And if I would like to say: "I do not speak any English", would it be:
    "Je ne parle aucun anglais"????

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