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Intermediate Algebra Simplify

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this is a triple decker fraction

1/a + 1/c divided by

a^2 - c^2 divided by


I am stuck on this one please help.

  • Intermediate Algebra Simplify -

    The answer depends upon which division is done first. For example:
    (a/b)/c = a/(bc), but
    a/(b/c) = ca/b
    They are NOT the same.

    You need to clarify the sequence of operations

    If you write 1/a + 1/c as (a+c)/ac, and a^2 - c^2 = (a+c)(a-c)
    you can get some cancellations and simplify the expression.

  • Intermediate Algebra Simplify -

    I am not sure how else to put this one on this forum to clarify the sequence, so thank you for your help

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