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a remote controlled car's wheel accelerates at 22.4 rad/s^2. if the wheel begins with an angular speed of 10.8 rad/s what is the wheel's angular speed after exactly 3 full turns?

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    3 full turns is 6 pi radians.
    Call the angular speed at the end of 3 turns w(3).
    The three turns require time T, where
    w(3) = 10.8 + 22.4*T
    [w(3)+ 10.8]*T/2 = 6 pi

    T = 12 pi/[w(3)+ 10.8]
    = [w(3)-10.8]/22.4
    w(3)^2 - (10.8)^2 = 22.4*(12 pi)
    Solve for w(3)

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