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Homework Help: Spanish

Posted by Larry on Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 10:17pm.

Having some trouble with articles.

When would I use 'los/las' and 'unos/unas'


Rewrite these sentences changing the words in brackets to the plural.

1. (El es un hombre) de Bariloche
Ellos son unos hombre de Bariloche.

Would not 'los' sound more correct instead of 'unos'?

Because the translation for unos is: 'They are some men from Bariloche.'

The translation for los is: 'They are the men from Bariloche'


PS. Which article would I use to complete this sentence. 'El or Los'

A nosotros nos gusta beber (el/los) refresoc.

thank you very much for your assistance.

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