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Having some trouble with articles.

When would I use 'los/las' and 'unos/unas'


Rewrite these sentences changing the words in brackets to the plural.

1. (El es un hombre) de Bariloche
Ellos son unos hombre de Bariloche.

Would not 'los' sound more correct instead of 'unos'?

Because the translation for unos is: 'They are some men from Bariloche.'

The translation for los is: 'They are the men from Bariloche'


PS. Which article would I use to complete this sentence. 'El or Los'

A nosotros nos gusta beber (el/los) refresoc.

thank you very much for your assistance.

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    ¡Hola, Larry (Lorenzo)! First of all, be very careful with the spelling! When you learn new vocabulary, learn the el/los with the noun so you are learning the gender (masculine/feminine) of that noun.

    The plural of el = los
    The plural of la = las

    The plural of un = unos
    The plural of una = unas

    Usually, to make a noun plural, if it ends in -o, -a, -e = add s
    libro = libros
    casa = casas

    When you are asked to make a sentence plural, you need to check the verb, the article, the noun, any and all adjectives.

    The translation of: el/la/los/las = the
    The translation of un/una/unos/unas = a/an, some

    El es un hombre. = notice that I am changing EACH word.
    Ellos son unos hombres.
    The English goes from "He is a man." to "They are some men."

    As for your second sentence:
    a nosotros nos gusta beber (el refresco)
    (los refrescos.)

    Please feel free to ask any additional question(s) you may have.


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