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In the fifth reaction of Glycolosis, G3P dehydrogenase converts glyceraldehydes-3-phosphate into glycerate-1,3-bisphosphate. In order to make the reaction spontaneous at biological conditions it must be coupled to the reduction of NAD+.

a) DG° for the reaction of just G-3-P, which is shown below, is -3.4 kJ/mol at 298K. Calculate the values of DG°¢, K, and K¢ for the reaction, where DG°¢ = -RTlnK¢.
H5C3O6P + HPO4 Þ H4C3O10P2 + 2H+
b) Calculate the Gibbs energy change (DGrxn ) using both the physical chemical standard state and biochemical standard state for the reaction when [G-1,3-P2] = 30mM and [G-3-P] = 15 mM.

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