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Posted by E.G. on Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 5:18pm.

Hello! I thought that I understood the passé composé well; that "être" verbs need to agree with gender and number but "avoir" verbs do not.
I took a short quiz and had several questions wrong. Could you please explain this to me (as simply as possible, please!!)
The correct sentence was:
"Elle s'est acheté des vêtements"
(I had written "achetée" - because it is an être verb)
Again, correct: "Nous nous sommes dit des histoires" (I wrote "dits" - because it is an être verb.)
On the other hand, the correct sentence was: "son idée a été rejetée" and I had written: "son idée a été rejeté" because it is an avoir verb.
Another one was:
"où est la plante que tu as achetée?", while I - thinking that it was another avoir verb - wrote:
"Où est la plante que tu as acheté?".
Now I am really confused!!!
Thank you for your help.

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