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Intermediate Algebra

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Joe can paint a room in 6 hours while Sue can paint the same room in 5 hours. Working together, how long would it take them to paint the room?

A) What does the variable stand for?

x stands for the amount of hours to paint the room.

B)Write the equation.

1/6 + 1/5 = 1/x

c) Solve.

30x [1/6 + 1/5 = 1/x]

5x +6x = 30

11x/11 = 30/1

x = 30/11 or 2.72 hrs.

D) Write the answer in a complete sentence.

It will take Joe and Sue 2.72 hours to paint the room together.

Is this correct?

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    The answer is correct but step C should read
    (5 + 6)/30 = 1/x

    Then x = 30/11

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