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Please help me answer this!

At 1pm, two trains traveling towards each other leave from towns 312km apart. One train can travel at most 82 km/h, and the other train at most 74 km/h. What is the earliest possible time for the two trains to meet?

For this problem:
a. define variables
b. write an inequality that can be used to solve the problem
c. solve the inequality

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    let the distance travelled by the faster train be x km
    let the distance traveled by the slower train be 312-x km

    time for faster train = x/82 hours
    time for slower train = (312-x)/74 hours

    when they meet, wouldn't they have traveled for the time ??

    x/82 = (312-x)/74

    cross-multiply and solve for x
    put that back into x/82

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    just re-read your post and noticed you are dealing with inequalities.

    Make the appropriate changes, the math doesn't change.

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    Reiny, do you know how unhelpful that is???????

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