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Hockey teams receive 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie. The Wildcats once won a championship with 60 points. They won 9 more games than they tied. How many wins and how many ties did the Wildcats have?

I'm a little unsure about this one. Are these the correct equations?

Equation #1: 2x + 1y = 60
Equation #2: x + y = z+9

The second equation I am especially unsure of. What is the correct equation, or am I correct. I am assuming that z is the number of games they tied.

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    As I stated in one of my other replies to you, it is very important that you define your variables.

    let the number of wins be x
    let the number of ties be y

    "They won 9 more games than they tied" ---> x = y + 9 or x - y = 9

    Your other equation is correct.

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