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I do not have to solve the problem--I need to make an equation or two that would HELP me be able to solve it.

Tommy's Lumber can convert logs into either lumber or plywood. In a given day, the mill turns out twice as many units of plywood as lumber. It makes a profit of $25 on a unit of lumber and $40 on a unit of plywood. How many units of each type must be produced and sold in order to make a profit of $10,920?

My teacher said I would probably need to make 2 equations, each with 2 variables. I do not know how to take the information to make an equation? Can anyone help me make 2 equations with this info?
Thanks so much!

  • Algebra -

    let the number of units of lumber be x
    let the number of units of plywood be y

    your first equation is y = 2x or
    2x - y = 0

    form the second equation just like you did for the other questions.

  • Algebra -

    I would not use two variables here.
    the part where it says, "the mill turns out twice as many units of plywood as lumber" tells me to define
    pieces of lumber --- x
    pieces of plywood -- 2x

    then 25x + 40(2x) = 10920


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