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a 2390 kg car traveling to the west at 22.4 m/s slows down uniformly under a force of 8740 N to the east.
(a) How much force would be required to cause the same acceleration on a car of mass 3140 kg? Answer in units N
(b) How far would the car move before stopping? Answer in units of m.

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    (a) If the two cars have the same deceleration rate, the applied force must be proportional to the mass. The speed does not matter for this part.

    (b) The deceleration rate is a = F/m = 3.66 m/s^2
    The average speed while decelerating is Vav = 22.4 m/s/2 = 11.2 m/s
    The time spent decelerating is T = Vo/a = 6.12 seconds
    Distance travelled = Vav*T = ?

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