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Homework Help: U.S.History

Posted by y912f on Monday, February 9, 2009 at 8:08pm.

i need help with these first two. need the 3rd one checked. :)

One thing a person could do in 1900 but not in 1865 was
a. ride on a train
b. sew a dress
c. play a phonograph
d. read at night

i think it mite be C

The main argument in support of the Bill of Rights was that
a. they would help opponents of slavery gain the upper hand
b. without them the Untied States would be a republic government
c. they would protect the people from a tyrannical government
d. withouth them the country would fall into anarchy
C or D sounds right?

the interstate Commerce Act outlawed the railroads' practice of
a. charging equally for long and short hauls
b. giving special rates to powerful customers
c. favoring Stalwarts over Half-Breeds
d. bribing the Interstate Commerce Commission
they used to give special rates to some customers.
the Act regulated the prices that railroads charged to move freight between states.

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