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Can't figure this problem out... wasn't great at the combinatorics unit, then it turns out everything carries over to probability.

five couples attend a bridge party, including mr. and mrs. smith. they are randomly assigned partnership pairs.
1. probability mr. smith will have mrs. smith has a partner?
2. probability all five couples will be partners?


  • combinatorics/probability -

    Hmmmm. Randomly assigned parteners? Does that mean Mr Smith can get Mr Jones as a partner? The problem says randomly, so I assume same gender couples are ok.

    1. (1/9) if same gender couples are ok.
    2) (1/9)(1/7)(1/5)(1/3) check that thinking.

    Now, if same gender are not allowed..
    1) 1/5
    2) 1/5* 1/4*1/3 * 1/2
    check that.

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