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Homework Help: Chemistry....Please help

Posted by Saira on Sunday, February 8, 2009 at 3:29pm.

Given the equilibrium constant values:

1.N2(g)+ 1/2O2(g)<---> N2O(g)

2.N2O4(g)<----> 2NO2(g)
KC= 4.6*10^{-3}

3. 1/2N2(g)+ O2(g)<----> NO2(g)

2N2O(g)+ 3O2 (g) <----> 2N2O4(g)

I need help i dunt know what to do next Part:

1.2N2(g)+ O2(g)<---> 2N2O(g) (*2)

2.2NO2<----> N2O4(g)
KC= 1/4.6*10^{-3}

I know i flip the second equation so Kc is flipped over 1...and i multiplied the 1st equation by 2:

Now i don't know what to do i don't know how they got to the final equation.

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