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Homework Help: help asap please

Posted by troyer0269 on Friday, February 6, 2009 at 9:19pm.

I am trying to find what I need for this Checkpoint tonight and can not find it.. PLease help me... I am so frustrated.. If I have recently posted this I aplogize.

Consider that in recent years several states have abandoned bilingual education, but
advocacy groups have argued that something must be done to help English Language
Learners master necessary competencies.
∑ Complete an Internet search to find at least two instances of conflicts between the legal
and ethical issues confronting the education of English Language Learners. For example,
some states have ceased funding for bilingual education and may not instruct the ELL
students in their native languages. However, the issue still remains that the schools are
responsible for instructing ELL students and those students have to learn English in order
to succeed in school. How do schools meet the needs of the ELL students without
breaking state laws?
∑ Cite the URLs for the selected instances according to APA guidelines.
∑ Summarize both sides of each issue in 350 to 500 words.

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