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I have a quick question. I have to write an english paper on the recent issues in business. it says that "purpose in writing this report is to SYNTHESIZe current, reported information on a recent issue in bussiness" The reason why i have the work synthesize in all caps is because I am confuse about the wording. Am i suppose to research the different material and then write a summary of what each states and thier views? then at the end of the directions is says, synthesize the different viewpoints into a two page paper report on the issue. please help me before I get started.

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    "synthesize" means to gather all the information at hand; sort it out; come to a conclusion based on the total; and explain it in a few words ( 2 pages). It takes some organization. I would take a couple of sheets of paper, put the differing issues on different sides, find the basic support for the differing view points and then write a brief explanation for each. THEN, I would put the paper together.

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    so basically i am "summarizing" all the different sources but i need to put it all at once...right?

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    Summarizing the parts, yes -- but don't forget what GuruBlue also wrote: "come to a conclusion based on the total; and explain it in a few words (2 pages)."

    So, yes, some summarizing of the parts, but most of your paper needs to focus on the synthesis -- the "conclusion based on the total."

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