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Homework Help: revised sociology question

Posted by dean on Friday, February 6, 2009 at 8:47am.

Sociology perspectives!?
1. Although it does not endorse traditional gender roles, which sociological perspective implies that dividing tasks between spouses is beneficial for the family unit?
A. Functionalist perspective
B. Conflict perspective
C. Interactionist perspective
D. Global perspective

#2. Which perspective is criticized because it does not convincingly explain why men should be categorically assigned to the instrumental role and women to the expressive role?
1. Functionalist perspective
2. Conflict perspective
3. Interactionist perspective
4. Feminist perspective

#3. Which roles in the United States receive higher amounts of rewards in terms of prestige and money?
1. Expressive roles
2. Instrumental roles
3. Identification roles
4. Each receives the same amount.

#4. Which of the following statements about the feminist movement in the United States is true?
1. There was no feminist movement in the United States until the 1980s.
2. One of the earliest documents written by a United States feminist was A Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft.
3. Modern feminist theory is based on the interactionist perspective.
4. Friedrich Engels argued the rise of industrialization benefited women.

#5. Friedrich Engels:
1. argued that women’s subjugation coincided with the rise of private property during industrialization
2. advocated that the division of labor be based on instrumental and expressive roles for males and females
3. suggested that equal status contacts between males and females in the corporate world would eliminate the last vestiges of sexism in the United States
4. urged women to rise up in a revolution, overthrow male rulers, and establish a new society administered by women

after reading through some more i have changed some answers. please let me know if they are right this time! thanks for your time everyone!
my answers are as follows:
#1. 3
#2. 1
#3. 1
#4. 3
#5. 3

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