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Algebra II

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In this set of eight problems, we have to match each equation with the correct description of its graph. However, these are test corrections I'm doing and I do not have the previous multiple choice answers so I can deduct from it, but can someone help me?

The equation is xy = 8.

The descriptions that I KNOW are possible are:

A. Parabola with axis x = 0
B. Circle with center (2,-1)
C. Hyperbola with axes as asymptotes
F. Line with slope 3/2
G. Parabola with vertex (2,-1)
H. Circle with center (0,0), radius 4

Okay, I'm pretty sure B and H can be ruled out because the equation doesn't look like that of an equation for a circle. However, I'm not so sure for the others. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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    make a table of values to find a suitable number of ordered pairs to plot, and you will see that C is the correct answer.

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    Ohhh ok I think I get it now thanks Reiny!! :D

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