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Posted by Erica on Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at 11:31pm.

This is my english assignment, hope someone will look over it for me!! Thanks

Identify the phrase in the sentence below, and name the kind and function of each phrase.

a)Having had a good season, they hoped to win the trophy.
having had a good season: participial
to win the trophy: infinitival noun phrase, direct object

b)In the last few weeks, they have often been seen going to the theatre together.
In the last few weeks : adverbial prepositional phrase
going: participial

c)The car parked in the garage is not for rent
parked in the garage: adjectival participial phrase
for rent: adverbial prepositional phrase

d)Rejecting their offer, she said she was no longer interested in doing business with them
Rejecting their offer: adverbial participial phrase
doing business: gerund, subject complement
with them: adverbial prepositional phrase

e)To be honest, I donít want to take extra work at the moment
to be honest: infinitival adverb phrase
to take extra work: infinitival noun phrase, subject complement
at the moment: adjectival prepositional phrase

f)Eating and Drinking was forbidden during the performance.
Eating: gerund, subject
drinking: gerund, subject
during the performance: adjectival prepositional phrase

g)During the good weather, it is hard to stay indoors and study
During the good weather: adjectival prepositional phrase
to stay indoors and study: : infinitival extraposed noun phrase subject

h)Bored with the game, he walked to the exit whistling loudly
Bored with the game: adverbial participial phrase
whistling loudly: adjectival participial phrase

i)If it continues to rain like this, we will have to leave
If it continues: adverbial prepositional phrase
to rain like this: infinitival noun phrase, direct object
to leave: infinitival noun phrase, direct object

j)The way to lose weight is to exercise a lot.
to lose weight: infinitival adjective phrase, direct object
to exercise a lot: infinitival noun phrase, subject complement

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