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chemistry grade 12 science

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Q. When 300ml of TiCl4(gas), at 48 degrees celcius and a pressure of 105.4kPa, is reacted with 0.4320 g of magnesium, 0.4016 g of titanium is produced.
TiCl4(gas) + 2Mg(solid) --> Ti(solid) + 2MgCl2(solid)
Calculate the percentage yield for this reaction

- The answer for this question is 94.43%, but i don't know HOW to get it.

  • chemistry grade 12 science -

    Find the Moles of TiCl4 from the ideal gas law. PV=nRT.
    Now, the balanced equation shows one mole of Ti for every mole reacted. You actually got a yield of .4620/molesTiorig

    It is not necessary to see if the Mg was the limiting reagent, because you are asked for the yield with that specified. However, in the real world, it would be helpful to know if enough Mg was supplied, if one were in the business of producing Ti.

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