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how would Henry David Thoreau react to abortion going on in the united states.

I need help with this question. I need to write 7 pages

thank you

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    I assume you've read quite a bit of Thoreau's work. First, you need to decide the simple answer to the question. Then use several examples from Thoreau to support your answer.

    Once you find supporting reasons, we'll be glad to help you if necessary.

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    I think he would use civil disobedience but I can't right 7 pages on why becuase i don't know why

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    Thoreau didn't want government messing with people's lives; in fact he suggested we might be best off with no government. He thought that the individual should determine his own courses of action.

    Would Thoreau have recommended civil disobedience for those who opposed government interfering with women's rights to have abortions?

    Or would he have recommended civil disobedience for those who believe that abortion is murder and all abortions are wrong?

    What do you think? What passages in "Civil Disobedience" support your thoughts?

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