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Physics - please, I really need help

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a car attempts to stop and slides 25.5m while accelerating at -4m/s^2. The car's initial velocity was 20m/s. Find the time the slide took. Note that the final velocity is not known and that you need a quadratic solution.

I know the quadratic formula, but I'm not sure how to plud in the values; could sombody please calrify. Thank you in advance. :)

  • Physics - please, I really need help - ,

    Vf^2=Vi^2 +2a* disance
    find Vfinal first. You have Vi, a, distance. Remember a is negative.

    Now, knowing Vf.
    Vf=Vi+ a*time
    Now find time.
    YOu do not need the quadratic formula.

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