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A two end open pipe organ's sixth harmonic is produced by a tuning fork with a frequency of 440 Hz. If it is 17 degrees Celsius, what is the length of the tube?



L = 6.22 meters

Is that right?

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    The seventh harmonic of a one end closed pipe organ has a frequency of 732 Hz, on a day when the temperature is 10 degrees Celsius. How long is the pipe? How long would it be for 732 to be the first harmonic?

    I used the same method for this problem - I just plugged in the new numbers. For the second question, do I use n=1 rather than n=7, and solve for L to get the answer?

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    Oh yeah, and since the tube is closed on one end, I used the equation fn=(2n-1)v/4L rather than fn=nv/2L. Was my method of solving the problem correct?

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