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Please answer the following questions clearly:

(ii) Why would a 15 year old male need more calcium than a 30 year old male?

(iii) Why does a 25 year old pregnant female need more protein than a non-pregnant 25 year old female?

1b) A hammer hits a nail, what is the size of the force acting on it?

1c) A lift is moving upwards, and slowing down. Compare the forces (tension and weight) about what would happen now.

1d) Describe why a 15 year old female needs more iron than a 15 year male.

1e) When Iron is mixed with hydrocholic acid, what do you get?

1f) A candle burns, the formula for the reaction is --> Candle Wax + Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide + Water, where did the Oxygen come from?

2a) Two 16 year old males weigh the same weight. Explain why they need different amounts of energy.

2b) When Iron is combined with Sulphur to produce the compound Iron Sulphide, what can they both not do, once a compund?

Thanks for helping! x

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