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I had to compare and contrast two personality theories and would like if someone could give me some constructional feedback.

When compared Psychodynamic theory and Humanistic theory they both try to define why we do what we do as humans, and why we choose what we do. Humanistic theory believes that we are not influenced by internal or external forces. Psychodynamic theory believes that our actions are a result of our id. Humanistic approach focuses on the ability to choose our own actions but being held responsible for those actions. Psychodynamic theory suggests that Id causes aggression and is terrible. Humanistic theorists put an emphasis on an individual conquering problem, while Psychodynamic theorists believe that the unconscious is the core of one’s actions. Humanistic theory suggests that people are primarily good, which contrasts the psychodynamic theory. Humanistic theorists put an emphasis on an individual conquering problem. These theorists believe in self actualization or living up to one’s full potential, which is easily done by meeting basic needs then moving on to more complex objective, both theories include reasoning that states how one is prone to behave a certain way if treated a certain way as a child. Both theories represent psychology, the study of the human mind. Each has its own explanation of personality and ways to manage mental conditions that occur. Through study and observation we may be able to build on each theory and determine what works best for each different individual.

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