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4 moles of water are heated from 240 K to 310. find delta entropy and graph entropy against K . Info : delta H fusion of water is 5 kJ/mol
delta H vaporization of water is 41.4 kJ/mol Cp of ice is 36 j/mol - k
Cp of water in liters is 74 j/mol-k

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    From the information given, I think it is the enthalpy, ∆H, you need to find for the overall process.
    You have the following calculations:
    1. Heating of ice from 240 to 273 K:
    ∆H1 = (36 j/mol.ºK)(4.0 mol)(273K-240K)
    2. Melting of ice:
    ∆H2 = (4.0mol.)(5.0kJ/mol
    3. Heating of water:
    ∆H3 = (74 J/mol.ºK)(4.0mol)(310ºK-273ºK)
    Calculate and add the 3 enthalpies and add them up.
    NOTE: 310 K is below the boiling of water. No significant evaporation takes place.

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