March 26, 2017

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subtract -12 from both sides and that leaves
add 43 to both sides and that leaves 31=2x
then the answer is x=31/2 (a fraction)
im so confused and its even harder trying to type it out and not confuse anyone reading it. lol

  • math 012 double check me please - ,

    Your first two steps are fine. On the third, in which you go from

    12x - 12 = 10x - 43


    -12 = -2x - 43

    I think you mean to say you're subtracting 12x from each side.

    Adding 43 to each side leaves 31 = -2x.

    Divide each side by -2 to get x = (-31)/2.

    So, it looks like you were right, except for dropping a - when subtracting 43.

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