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math 012

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will someone please double check my answer to this problem. the answer i get is a fraction, but not sure how to type it on here.


-16 -16
+6 +6
divide both by 12 and that leaves y=14/12 then reduce down to 7/6

is this correct?

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    i don't know how you are getting this answer. can you explain to me what i need to do please. thanks ive been out of school since 1995 and i never took algebra in high school so im having a tough time in college.

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    Your mistake here is when you go from

    16y + 8 = 10 + 12y


    8 = -6 + 12y.

    You aren't subtracting the same thing from both sides; you're subtracting 16y from the left, but 16 from the right. Assuming you mean to subtract 16y, you should end up with

    8 = 10 - 4y

    Subtract 10 from each side:

    -2 = -4y

    Multiply each side by -1/4:
    1/2 = y.

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    okay i worked through this problem but at the end, i need to multiply? I thought i divided both by 4?

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