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Homework Help: math-Inverse functions

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 8:29pm.

f(x)=-4x-2 & g(x)=5x-6. Find (f*g) and state domain.

f(x)-x^2-1 what is the equation for f^-1(x)?

f(x)=3x+2, find f(f^-1(14)).

f(x)=4x+7 and g(x)=3x-5 find (f*g)(-4)

f(x)=sqrt x+3 what is equation for f^-1(x)?

Graph y=sqrt x-2 +5 which point lies on graph?
A(7,6) B(0,5) C(-2,5) D(3,6)

The graph y=sqrt x is shifted 6 points down and 1 unit right. Which equation represents the new graph.
y=sqrt x+1 -6
y=sqrt x-6 +1
y= sqrt x-1 -6
y= sqrt x+6-1

any help would be appreciated.

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