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Posted by y912f on Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 6:55pm.

kindly check my answers to these 7 questions on Huck Finn:
1. Writing that values intuition, emotion, adn imagination over reason is called
a. realistic
b. romantic
c. naturalistic
d. ironic

i chose B

2. Writers who concentrate on everyday life adn close examination of everyday manner are known as
a. realists
b. romantics
c. biologists
d. ironists

i chose A

3. twain uses which device to reveal Pap's character?
a. dialogue
b. physical description
c. actions
d. all of the above

i chose D

4. in this novel, which characters is/are heroic
a. Huck and Tom
b. Huck
c. Huck, Tom, and Jim
d. Huck and Jim

i chose D

5. Pap tried to kill Huck because
a. Huck threatened to shoot him
b. Huck wouldn't give him back his money
c. Huck tried to escape from the cabin
d. Pap was hallucinating that Huck was the Angel of Death

i chose D

6. Huck Finn was written
a. before the Civil War
b. during the Civil War
c. after the Civil War
d. partially before and partially after the Civil War

i chose C

7. The raft symbolizes
a. the evils of divination
b. the peace of freedom
c. slavery
d. a civilized place where rules are in effect

im not sure. i think its B, but they also faced many problems so A..?

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