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How would you write skeleton equations for these reactions? I am very confused

Hydrogen iodide(G)= Hyrdrogen(G)+Iodide(G)

Aluminum(s)+iodines(s)= Aluminum iodide(S)

Silver Nitrate (aq)+Sodium sulfide (aq)= silver sulfide(S)+ sodium nitrate (aq)

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    The first one is done this way. However, I assume you meant iodine (not iodide) and it would be gas if at a slightly elevated temperature or a solid otherwise.
    HI(g) ==> H2(g) + I2(g)
    The others are done the same way. All you are doing is converting a word equation into a chemical equation. Use the periodic table to obtain valences if you don't have a table or if you don't know them.
    The second one is
    Al(s) + I2(s) ==> AlI3(s)

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