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I am having a lot of problems with this linear programming problem. CAn someone help?

A farmer buys two varieties of animal feed. Type A contains 9 oz. of oats and 2 oz. of corn per pound. Type B contains 5 oz of oats and 10 oz of corn per pound. The farmer wants to combine the two feeds so that the resulting mixture has at least 90 lbs. of oats and at least 60 lbs. of corn. The farmer wants to buy not more than 310 lbs. of Type A and not more than 198 lbs. of Type B feed. Type A fee costs him .18/lb. and Type B feed costs him .19/lb. How many pounds of each type should the farmer buy to minimize the cost?

Here is what I have so far:

My minimum cost equation: .18A + .19B

Here are the constraints so far:

A is greater than or equal to 0
B is greater than or equal to 0
A is less than or equal to 310
B is less than or equal to 198

I am having trouble with the other constraints. How do I fit the number of oz. of corn and oats and the 90 lbs. oats and 60 lbs. corn?

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