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please show me how to solve this
1. A bus travels 280 km south along a straight path with an average velocity of 88 km/h to the south. the bus stops for 24 min. then, it travels 210 km south with an average velocity of 75 km/h to the south
a. how long does the total trip last?
answer=6.4 h
b. what is the average velocity for the total trip?
answer=77 km/h to the South

thanks to whoever helps=]

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    a. Add the times requred for each of the two driving intervals, and add 24 minutes (0.4 hours) to that sum.
    For each driving inteveral, use the reationship
    time = distance)/(average speed

    The sum will be the total driving and waiting time. Call it T.

    b. Divide (280 + 210)km by T

    That is how to do it. You do the numbers.

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    ok thanks

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    so is this what i do:
    280+210[how much they traveled]=490
    then add .4 hours = 490.4
    then :
    T=490.4[distance]/average speed so 81.5?
    my answer comes out 6.01 hours

    i think im still doing something wrong

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    the last post was by y912f not mysterychicken

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    You did not follow my instructions. You cannot add distance (km) to time (hours) in physics. It makes no sense.

    The total time is
    T = 280/88 + 0.4 + 210/75 = 6.38 hours

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