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If a catalyst is introduced to ecxellaerate decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide with the the aid of a condenser and another bottle theat is connectect to the first. This second bottle contains displaced water(bottle of water inverted to leaving an air pocket at top to take in the O2 through tubing that draws the oxygen in from the bottle that is upright(containing the catalyst and hydrogen peroxide): The hyrogen peroxide will decompose into water and oxygen. In this process there are five bottles used to collect the oxygen. The question is for those bottles left uprght.What is the purpose and why are they left upright? Is it to maintain an equilibrium of pressure etc.? Is the gas collected in O2 form volitale even though it is being mixed with the air that was already present before the O2 was collected from the process of decomposing thr hydrogen peroxide.Or! Is the questiin as simple as making a comparison that the is no water in them as there was in the first and no need to displace water to create a suctioning effect?

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    See my response to your previous post. (1 below this one)

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