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Two days ago your manager phoned and said he would like to plan a field contact in order to evaluate your promotional deals and marketing skills. He will meet you at Kroger's, your top account, at 2:00 p.m. You immediatly got antsy because you know how important these sales promotions are. Without reservation, you set out to the account prep visit. To your amazment, the kroger store manager has removed your marketing deal and narrowed your product space. You ask the manager "Whats up?" He says he had to make space for your competitor. "This month," he confesses, "Eagle snacks is offering a better deal. I had to make a decision." You plead with him to place your product back on the shelf and hang up your promo. You tell him that your boss is tough. The last time something like this happened, an account rep was fired. The store manager shrugs his shoulders and helps a cashier sack a customer's groceries. You look at your watch. It's ten 'til two. What do you do?

I really need help because i just don't understand what to do at all...thank you for your time.

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    You need to figure out how to save your job.

    First, be honest with your boss. Explain the situation -- and be ready to offer suggestions about how to increase your store space. Since your competitor offered a better deal to Krogers, perhaps your company can beat that deal. You could also suggest that your company work on increasing your product in Krogers' competitors.


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    Thank you Ms. Sue

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    You're welcome, Jason.

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