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Graph y=2x+1, then choose 3 points above the line. Give the coordinates of each point and tell wether it is greater than, less than or equal to
2x + 1 at each point.

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    for any point that you choose above the line, the y-coordinate of that point would be greater than 2x+1

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    Doesn't the line go on forever, so how could you choose 3 points above it?

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    did you draw the line.

    for any line, unless it is vertical, you can be either above or below the line.

    e.g. for your y = 2x + 1

    consider (6,5), below above the line.
    substitute the value x = 6
    then y = 2(6)+1 = 13, but the y for your point was 5
    since 5 < 13, the point (6,5) is below the line.

    consider (3,15)
    if x=3 in the equation y = 6+1 = 7

    since 15 > 7, the point (3,15) is above the line.

    Draw any non-vertical line on a piece of paper. Isn't there a region above that line and a region below that line no matter you imagine that line to go ??

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