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On preparation of a solution of protein, you attempted to dissolve the substance in water, but a suspension resulted. Drop-wise adition of NaOH solution, with stirring, eliminated the suspension. Addition of acid to the original suspension had no effect. Think about how pH affects the charge on a protein and explain the phenomenon.


so the protein in acidic solution did not dissolve. acidic solution have a + charge and take away electrons/bonds. if the protein side chains are acidic (NH3+), then nothing would happen as they're both acidic?

if the protein is in basic solution and it dissolved...and the protein side chains are acidic, then the protein would dissolve as the - charge on the OH- would form new bonds with the protein side chains that are +.

Can you please check my reasoning? it somehow makes sense in my head but i don't know if i used technical science terms or anything. Thank you!

  • Dr Bob -

    Yes, you have it.

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