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Homework Help: Poem: A Voice by Pat Mora

Posted by Remy on Monday, January 26, 2009 at 5:44pm.

Could you please check my answers thanks
1.What happens when the mother goes to the state capitol to give her speech?
Answer: When the mother goes to the state capitol to address her speech she wanted to hide her face. Also she faked hoarseness, and she felt her breath was stuck in her throat.

2. Why does the mother suddenly become self-conscious about giving her speech at the state capitol, when she usually likes "winning with words," and being looked at?
Answer: The mother becomes self conscious because maybe there wree so many people who believed in her, and looked at her while she was speaking, she gotten stage fright. Maybe it was too many people for her too handle.

3. Why does the daughter interpret her mother's failure as a success and credit her with teaching her to speak up?
Answer: Her daughter interprets her mother's success even though her mom failed because her mom taught her to believe in herself, and speak up. Her daughter credits her mom with teaching her to speak up because when she feels free to say something she can have the courgage to speak up, and say what she needs to say.

4. How do you interpret the speaker's statement that her mother's breath "moves/through the family like the wind/moves through the trees?"
Answer: I can interpret the speaker's statement because it means that her mom's words move through each daughter, just as the wind blows the trees.

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