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I have to write an essay about the poem "The word is too much with us" by william Wordsworth. I have to talk about content and how he uses poetic devices to make his argument.

Anyways, I'll probably be posting parts of essay through out today, so can you read my introduction and see how it is?

Just you know, my thesis is the first sentence of my paragraph. my teacher said that it was not necessary to put the thesis in the last sentence. We could put it in the first sentence to just get to the point.

And before you read my intro, this poem is about society ignoring nature basically. When he says society, does he mean everyone in the world or just the society in england.

In the industrial age, society was so focused on building industries, growing businesses, and making money that they have lost all the appreciativeness and beauty of nature. This theme remains true to this day. In “The World is Too Much With Us” William Wordsworth is expressing his anger at society for being selfish and greedy when it comes to money and materials. He tells us how human nature is being blind-sided by new inventions and machines and how we are taking the natural world for granted. Wordsworth wrote this sonnet not only for the society in England, but for all societies in the world to warn them about their actions regarding the industrial revolution and how those actions are affecting nature.

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    "that they have lost" -- change the verb to the past perfect, not perfect tense -- use "had"

    You wrote, "When he says society, does he mean everyone in the world or just the society in england." Remember that "England" always needs a capital E.

    He is speaking to all society, then and into the future, apparently.

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