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Poem: The road not taken by Robert Frost

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Could you check these answers thanks.

1. Where do Frost's roads diverge?
Answer: Frost's roads diverge in a yellow wood.

2. Which road did the speaker in Frost's poem choose?
Answer: The speaker chose the road that was less traveled by.

3. In Frost's poem , the speaker chooses between tow different paths in the wood. What alternatives does Whitman's speaker choose between?
Answer: The road's alternatives for the one that was undamaged was: it was grassy, and it didn't have footprints upon it. The road that was damaged had alternatives which were: it was worn out from many people traveling upon it.

4.(I was on here the other day about this question)
How do you think the different roads in these poems might symbolize or represent the situations of the two speakers.
Answer: The situations represent the speakers in the story becuase they were thinking that if you choose on thing, then you are started on a road which will lead you to the next following decision.

  • Poem: The road not taken by Robert Frost -

    You are pretty much on target. Here is some of Frost's own thoughts:

    "One stanza of 'The Road Not Taken' was written while I was sitting on a sofa in the middle of England: Was found three or four years later, and I couldn't bear not to finish it. I wasn't thinking about myself there, but about a friend who had gone off to war, a person who, whichever road he went, would be sorry he didn't go the other. He was hard on himself that way."
    Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, 23 Aug. 1953

  • Poem: The road not taken by Robert Frost -

    All of your answers sound pretty good to me. The last one is open ended, so you automatically get that one right, and 1-3 are 100% right. Good job.

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  • Poem: The road not taken by Robert Frost -

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