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I'm doing my math, but i don't understand these 3 things mean:
lowest common denominator
simplest form of a fraction
help plz and thank u!

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    When adding fractions like 1/3 and 3/5, the Lowest Common Denominator is the smallest number that is a integer-multiple of both 3 and 5. In this case it would be 15. You would get the sum by adding 5/15 and 9/15 to get 14/15.

    The simplest from of a fraction is the form in which any integer numbers that are factors of both numerator and denominator are cancelled out. For example, for 12/15, the simplest form would be
    (4*3)/(5*3) = 4/5

    The reciprocal of any fraction that has the form a/b is b/a. Just turn it upside down. The reciprocal of 5/7 is 7/5, for example. The reciprocal of an integer a is 1/a.

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    thnks that really help! :)

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