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EXAM # 01392900

1. The Preliminary Pages of A business report include such items as a title page and a table of contents. Which one of the following is also considered part of a report's pages?

A. Index
B. Citations
C. Table of Figures
D. References

2. If you want to place the faded word "draft" behind the document text in a report that's a collaborative effort in process, you should insert a

A. Pale wordart and send it to the back
B. Customized template file
C. Letterhead with "draft" on it.
D. Watermark as the background

3. You want to send personalized sales announcements to 200 of your best customers, addressed to each one individually, and include 10% off on their birthday, which you'll mention in the document. You have a database containing mailing information and birthdays for clients. which one of the following will be the mose efficient way for you to reate the personalized announcement?

A. Template
B. Styles
C. Mail Merge
D. Building Blocks

4. Gomez wants to create an online application form in which users are able to select the
best calendar date that they can begin work. He should create a field named “Date you
can begin employment,” and that field should be which one of the following types?

A. Rich Text
B. Drop-down with date selections
C.Checkboxes with possible dates
D. Date Picker

5. Four people reviewed a business proposal you prepared. When your document is
returned, how will you identify who reviewed the document to make suggested changes?

A. Each reviewer’s changes will be in a different font but won’t identify them by name.
B. Each reviewer’s changes appear inside a colored balloon containing initials only.
C. A reviewing pane lists names and a color-coded summary of each reviewer’s changes.
D. Reviewers’ names and individual font color can be seen on the Show Markup
dropdown box.

6. You’ve created a sign-up form for a seminar you’re presenting in June. You’ll be sending
the form as an e-mail attachment to those on your mailing list. Which one of the following
is a security measure that will protect your form from unauthorized editing changes?

A. Restrict permissions
B. Save the document as read only
C. Mark as final
D. Create and use a digital signature

7. O’Hara has prepared a monthly report using Word 2007, which will be e-mailed to several
individuals who use Word 2003. To ensure that features in the Word 2007 document are
not lost or changed when saving as a lower format, O’Hare should use which one of the
following Word 2007 features?

A. Compatibility checker
B. Inspect document
C. Compare and merge
D. Save to Appropriate Formats

8. Clark and Jameson share a computer to prepare sensitive personnel documents that are
saved on the hard drive. Two other workers also use the same computer from time to time.
To allow the personnel documents to be opened and modified only by Clark and Jameson,
they should be protected with

A. editing restrictions.
B. passwords.
C. formatting restrictions.
D. mark as final.

9. Last month you saved a document containing your personal letterhead with a logo as a
template. You remember that you named the document “Heading Style;” however, you see
four documents saved with that name. All four have different extensions. Which one of the
following contains your letterhead template?

A. Heading Style.docx
B. Heading Style.jpeg
C. Heading Style.dotx
D. Heading Style.htm

10. Lou wishes to post his resume with an online job bank. He has just graduated from college
with a degree in marketing. During high school and college, Lou worked part-time at
Emerson’s Café as a server; this is his only work experience. Which one of the following
would be the most effective arrangement of his resume?

A. Name and address with contact information, honors, career objective, activities,
work experience, education
B. Letterhead, work experience, education, keyword summary, honors, references
C. Career objective, name and address with contact information, honors and activities,
education, references
D. Name and address with contact information, career objective, education, special skills,
honors, work experience

11. You’ve designed a letterhead with logo to use for all letters. To make sure that you can use
the letterhead design for all letters, create the letterhead as a

A. style.
B. document file.
C. template.
D. autocorrect entry.

12. You open one of your documents needed to create a Mail Merge. In the document you find
variables such as client name, city, state, and ZIP Code. This document is the

A. record.
B. main file.
C. data source.
D. field holder.

13. After sorting data records in descending order by registration number, which one of the
following records would be placed last?
A. 0011 C. 0101
B. 0110 D. 0099

14. You use the same distribution list for memos sent to members of a committee on which
you serve. So that you won’t have to key the list every time that you use it, create a/an

A. style.
B. content control.
C. XML file.
D. building block.

15. You just filtered data records in a data source used in a Mail Merge. Which one of the
following are your results?

A. Individuals who reside in Birmingham, Alabama
B. Records arranged in ascending order by ZIP Code
C. Corrected ZIP Codes of individuals living in Birmingham, Alabama
D. Deletion of clients residing in Birmingham, Alabama

16. In preparation for a very important meeting that will have media as well as dignitaries in
attendance, you should create which one of the following documents to inform attendees
in advance of the order of events and work to be accomplished during the gathering?
A. Agenda
B. Minutes
C. News release
D. Itinerary

17. You’re in the process of creating a Word document in which you want to place an Excel
worksheet. You want the worksheet within the Excel document to automatically update
whenever you make changes in Excel. Which one of the following should you use?

A. Copy and paste
B. Paste link
C. Indexing
D. Cross-reference

18. To use a variety of page numbering styles for the various parts of a lengthy business
report, you must use

A. section breaks.
B. styles.
C. hyperlinks.
D. subdocuments.

19. Index entries are created by
A. adding cross references.
B. converting the table of contents.
C. marking text to be included.
D. switching to Outline view.

20. As a legal assistant, you’ve been asked to create a document that lists all legal case titles
and numbers, courts, and dates for all sources used in a research report about copyright
laws regarding use of unauthorized artwork on Web sites. The document you’ll create is a
A. bibliography.
B. table of figures.
C. table of authorities.
D. reference page

01. B
02. B
04. C
10 C
12. A
13. B
16. C
17. C
18. C
19. C

I don not have the answers to the rest. Please help if you have the rest of the answers

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