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I need help with this homework:

Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Progressive:
Choose the best answer. (In some sentences, both answers are acceptable.)

1. I’ve never (been making – made ) more than $500 a week.

2. He’s always (wanted - been wanting) to learn how to drive.

3. I’ve (lived - been living) in Tampa all my life.

4. How many compositions have you (written - been writing)?

5. I haven’t (had - been having) a car for very long; I just bought one last month.

6. He’s (knocked - been knocking) on the door several times.

7. He’s (knocked - been knocking) on the door for several minutes.

8. My dad has always (worked - been working) hard.

9. How long has she (known - been knowing) her husband?

10. How long have they (done - been doing) their homework?

11. I’ve (worked - been working) at K-mart for several months.

12. I haven’t (worked - been working) at K-mart for several months.

13. I’ve (slept - been sleeping) a lot lately.

14. Ann’s clothes are covered in paint. She’s (painted - been painting) the ceiling.

15. Tom’s (played - been playing) tennis three times this week.

16. It smells bad in here! Have you (cooked - been cooking) something with onions?

17. Madonna has (appeared - been appearing) in several films.

18. It hasn’t (rained - been raining) in several days.

19. I’ve (thought - been thinking) about you lately.

20. They’ve (had - been having) several problems since they got married.

21. They’ve (had - been having) problems since they got married.

22. We’ve (studied - been studying) English for a long time.

23. I haven’t (seen - been seeing) her much lately.

24. You’ve (started - been starting) that project three times; when are you going to finish it?

25. I’ve (read -been reading) a good book about the differences between males and females.

26. I’ve (read - been reading) that book already; it’s a good book.

27. He hasn’t (called - been calling) me for several days; I hope he’s not ill.

28. It hasn’t (rained -been raining) in Tampa for several weeks.

29. I haven’t (eaten - been eating) anything since last night at 8 o’clock.

30. We’ve (done - been doing) this exercise for the past 20 minutes.

do somebody can help me with this please???

  • English - ,

    We'll be blad to HELP you with this exercise!

    But in order to HELP you we need to know your answers.

    Please post your answers, and we'll be glad to check and correct them.

  • English - ,

    * We'll be glad to help you with this exercise.

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