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Homework Help: English

Posted by Gersy on Saturday, January 24, 2009 at 9:29pm.

I need help with this homework:

Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Progressive:
Choose the best answer. (In some sentences, both answers are acceptable.)

1. I’ve never (been making – made ) more than $500 a week.

2. He’s always (wanted - been wanting) to learn how to drive.

3. I’ve (lived - been living) in Tampa all my life.

4. How many compositions have you (written - been writing)?

5. I haven’t (had - been having) a car for very long; I just bought one last month.

6. He’s (knocked - been knocking) on the door several times.

7. He’s (knocked - been knocking) on the door for several minutes.

8. My dad has always (worked - been working) hard.

9. How long has she (known - been knowing) her husband?

10. How long have they (done - been doing) their homework?

11. I’ve (worked - been working) at K-mart for several months.

12. I haven’t (worked - been working) at K-mart for several months.

13. I’ve (slept - been sleeping) a lot lately.

14. Ann’s clothes are covered in paint. She’s (painted - been painting) the ceiling.

15. Tom’s (played - been playing) tennis three times this week.

16. It smells bad in here! Have you (cooked - been cooking) something with onions?

17. Madonna has (appeared - been appearing) in several films.

18. It hasn’t (rained - been raining) in several days.

19. I’ve (thought - been thinking) about you lately.

20. They’ve (had - been having) several problems since they got married.

21. They’ve (had - been having) problems since they got married.

22. We’ve (studied - been studying) English for a long time.

23. I haven’t (seen - been seeing) her much lately.

24. You’ve (started - been starting) that project three times; when are you going to finish it?

25. I’ve (read -been reading) a good book about the differences between males and females.

26. I’ve (read - been reading) that book already; it’s a good book.

27. He hasn’t (called - been calling) me for several days; I hope he’s not ill.

28. It hasn’t (rained -been raining) in Tampa for several weeks.

29. I haven’t (eaten - been eating) anything since last night at 8 o’clock.

30. We’ve (done - been doing) this exercise for the past 20 minutes.

do somebody can help me with this please???

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