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Math 012 Help

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I need help with this problem. I have to use the distributie property to write the expression without parantheses, then simplify if possible. It's been awhile since ive done this and I think i will understand once I see how it is written out. Thanks to anyone who replies.


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    Multiply everything in the ( ) by -4.

    -4+8m-4n + 4
    Note the sign changes
    Now gather terms. Check me

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    you have to bring the -4 into each number that is in the parenthesis by multiplication.

    so you do -4 x 1, -4 x 2m, and -4 x n
    you should get -4 + 8m - 4n

    then add on the 4 at the end so you get
    -4 + 8m -4n + 4

    it simplifies to 8m - 4n since the positive and negative fours cancel

    post back if u don't understand

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