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mat e. matics starts to construct a series of triangles. all the triangles are drawn such that the sum of the base and height are always 10cm. determine the maximum area of all these triangles.

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    area=1/2 b*h

    I suspect the maximum will occur then base=height.

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    I need solution A quadratic functions completing the square a player bumps a volleyball with an initial vertical velocity of 20 ft/s
    1/Write a functions h in standard form for the boll`s height in feet in terms of the time t in seconds after the ball is hit

    2/Complete the square to rewrite h in vertex form
    3/what is the maximum height of the ball?
    4/What if...?Suppose the volleyball were hit under the same conditions, but with an initial velocity of 32 ft/s .How much higher would the ball go?

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